Home about contact « plane people heaven forbid you wear dress when you fly » a day in the life of a hypersomniac published 29 june, 2011 | by la if you know anyone who lives with narcolepsy or hypersomnia (opposite of insomnia), then this will give you a glimpse into their life – day in and day out. is viagra safe for high blood pressure Btw, if you know me, then you know someone who lives with this. buy cheap viagra It may seem like these folks sleep all the time but actually they’re always beyond exhausted and never wake up rested. (think new baby or cramming for exams or working a double shift – only that feeling x10! cheap generic viagra ) while their eyes are closed and they may appear to be sleeping, those with this sleep disorder never fully sleep. viagra without a doctor prescription For me personally, it’s been over 25 years since i’ve had a full nights’ sleep. Nothing is quite as refreshing as a good night’s sleep. Researchers have determined that sleep is made up of 4 stages of non-rem sleep, and rem sleep. Viagra used for heart To be truly refreshing, sleep needs to include all of the stages. effect of viagra on women who take it With my neurological disorder i don’t enter the rem stage. how to order viagra online It is during rem sleep that people generally dream. cheap generic viagra Rem sleep seems to help the mind restore itself. buy generic viagra Sleep deprivation tends to make one, oh seem a little ‘not quite right’. viagra for sale Idiopathic hypersomnia is a class of serious sleep disorders in which the sufferer can fall asleep at any time. Much generic viagra Most people with this illness complain of excessive sleepiness for at least one month or years and experience prolonged sleep episodes or daytime sleep episodes that occur almost daily. These episodes can be embarrassing and even hazardous if it occurs when driving or working. effect of viagra on women who take it Patients suffering from hypersomnia often lose the ability to function in family, social and occupational settings. nuvigil viagra for the brain The condition most commonly starts with teenagers, young adults and people who are overweight. cheap generic viagra This can exacerbate their weight problems, as their excessive sleep patterns means that they will use less energy. buy viagra online legally In addition to excessive sleepiness and long nighttime sleeping, symptoms include irritability, mild depression and difficulty concentrating. cheap viagra For this reason, people with hypersomnia should be cautious when driving or operating machinery. buy viagra online malaysia Sufferers may sleep for eighteen or more hours a. cheap viagra online men viagra for women viagra and alcohol dangerous http://guitarlessonsinshepperton.co.uk/wrc-557517/ http://guitarlessonsinshepperton.co.uk/wrc-559070/ guitarlessonsinshepperton.co.uk/wrc-557083/ http://guitarlessonsinshepperton.co.uk/wrc-557304/ viagra covered by insurance 2012 guitarlessonsinshepperton.co.uk/wrc-558725/ http://guitarlessonsinshepperton.co.uk/wrc-555346/ viagra use by date guitarlessonsinshepperton.co.uk/wrc-564475/ viagra pills from india http://guitarlessonsinshepperton.co.uk/wrc-560565/ guitarlessonsinshepperton.co.uk/wrc-563452/ guitarlessonsinshepperton.co.uk/wrc-564243/ viagra price uk boots guitarlessonsinshepperton.co.uk/wrc-560165/ http://guitarlessonsinshepperton.co.uk/wrc-562425/ http://guitarlessonsinshepperton.co.uk/wrc-563465/ safe place buy viagra