Custom search tongue cancer cancer » tongue cancer tongue cancer is a kind of oral cancer and comes under the category of head and neck cancers. viagra clearance time Males are more prone to the cancer as compared to females. buy generic viagra India reports the maximum number of cases of this cancer with almost 9 out of every 100,000 persons being infected by the disease. viagra samples In the united states, the rate of cancer of the tongue is 2. 5 per 100,000 persons. Understanding tongue cancer cancer of the tongue is one of the important forms of head and neck cancer and may develop at any age. It is a leading type of oral cancer and males are more prone to the disease as compared to females. Tongue is a vital organ of the human body and enables a person to taste and chew food properly. It also helps a person to speak clearly and pronounce correctly. It is also one of the five most important senses of human beings. Advertisement formation of cancer cells in the tongue or the adjacent areas may severely hamper the speaking and eating abilities of a person. Squamous cell carcinoma is the most general type of cancer of the tongue. viagra heist movie In this type of cancerous infection, malignant cells initially invade the squamous cells located on the outer layer of the tongue and penetrate deeper as the intensity of the disease increases. viagra side effects to women Tongue cancer develops in a gradual but consistent manner. The malignant cells invade the healthy cells and tissues and force them to behave abnormally. viagra generic Tissues play a vital part in efficient supply of oxygen, blood and other necessary resources to various parts of the body for systematic growth of cells. buy generic viagra online Smooth supply of all these resources gets severely affected with the invasion of malignant cells. The cancerous cells kill vital tissues and prevent their redevelopment. Also, they force the normal cells to behave abnormally and bring about an uncontrolled and unnatural division and growth of cells. Also, the old cells are restricted from dying naturally. This leads to a considerable increase in the number of unnecessary cells in the body. These excess cells accumulate in a particular area and form a lump. viagra side effects to women This lump is commonly called as tumor and has a tendency to metastasize. order viagra Intensity of the disease increases with the spread of tumors. The tumors may develop and spread rapidly or gradually depending upon the immune system of the victim. Tumors can be of two different types as benign and cancerous. order viagra online Cancerous tumors are the main culprit of the spread of cancerous cells as they have a high tendency to metastasize. They spread to other organs and form tumors in the areas they infect. Bloodstream and lymph node are the main carriers of such malignant cells. Such tumors are usually difficult to treat completely and may redevelop even if cured previously. Detection and diagnosis of the cancerous tumor.