Months ago, i didn't think i'd be typing the above. Getting used to the "new normal" was a pain, but i'm doing it. Here's to the survivors and their caretakers! online sales viagra Login or register to post comments fire34 posts: 328 joined: feb 2010 tue, 01/18/2011 - 7:14pm 14 months now last scan dec 10 ned still dry mouth and swallowing trouble here and there. Docs keep asking aobut taste which is so hard to compare, i guess it is ok as far as i can tell, everything just tastes different than before. Wishes & prayers on everyone's recovery dave login or register to post comments rchunter posts: 3 joined: may 2011 mon, 05/30/2011 - 2:10pm chemo treatment mark, glad to here you are recovering well. youtube snl viagra My son is about to start rt and am trying to understand best approaches and recovery time. Can i ask which chemo you were on? cheap viagra online Regards, rick login or register to post comments dragons7-7-2010 posts: 79 joined: aug 2010 wed, 01/19/2011 - 6:43am survivorship starts the day you are told "you have cancer. viagra without prescription " someone posted this and i'm quoting: "so everyone knows survivorship starts the day you are told "you have cancer. " if this is true then i was disgnosed 7-7-2010 and have been a survivor 6 months. Scc right tonsil which metastasized to neck right lymph nodes. Stage 3 hpv+ completed treatment december 3, 2010 - treatment consisted of chemotherapy 3 rounds: cisplatin, doxetaxel & ffu followed by 6 weeks of radiation (30 rads) 55 grys to left side / 70 grys to right side with concurrent chemotherapy of cetuximab. Side effects: mouth sores, mucosititus, stomatitis, thrush, acne like rash caused by cetuximab on my tongue, head, back and face. viagra canada online Cisplatin caused hearing loss to right ear along with hair loss. can you buy viagra england Thank you god that hair is growing back, acne like rash is gone. I do still have mouth sores, issues swallowing and cannot eat the spicy food i used to enjoy but it cured me of my addiction to caffeine and sugar. viagra online without prescription Positive i lost 50_ lbs and i am not at a healthy weight for a 5'6" female. long does one viagra pill last I do have peripherial neuropathy in my left arm which the doctor thinks is temporary. viagra use teenagers Anyone else experience peripheral neuropathy in your arms? viagra for sale in usa This is the feeling that your arm has falled asleep like when you sleep in a position which cuts off circulation but i have not its a chemo side affect. long does one viagra pill last